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Raw Feeding FAQs

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Raw Feeding FAQs

Feeding raw diet benefits and FAQs

Why a Raw Diet?

A pet diet of raw food diets is the oldest type of pet diet. The raw diet comes as close to meeting the ancient dog & cat's diet. It is the most biologically appropriate way to feed your cat or dog. We are seeing more pet owners discovering the amazing benefits of feeding a raw diet to their pets. These benefits include, but are not limited to, Allergy Issues, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Digestibility, Cancer, Age Issues and Joint Issues.

Raw vs Dry & Canned Food

Dry and Canned pet food is cooked at temperatures over 300 degrees. By cooking the food and adding extra starches, the cooked pet food becomes very shelf-stable. This allows food to sit on the store shelf or in your cupboard for months, if not years. These means these types of food are designed for the convenience of the owner, not the pet’s nutrition.

The high-temperature cooking process also removes many of the nutrients and enzymes that your pet needs in their diet. A small percentage of these nutrients are replaced with synthetic additives, but these are not always absorbed properly, by your pet.

Many of the “cheap filler” ingredients put into the cooked foods are hard to digest, leading to soft stools or even diarrhea. These ingredients and preservatives can also cause allergies issues in your pets, including yeast in the ears, on the paws and skin. This yeast will then can cause hair loss, itching and scratching.

A good “Raw Food”will contain, muscle meat, meaty bones, organs, and raw fruits and vegetables. We carry a number of pre-packaged raw food that you can purchase, defrost and feed to your pet. All of these products come frozen and ready to serve.


Can raw diet help with pet’s gas and smelly stool?

  • A raw diet is nearly 100% digestible with the raw meats digesting more efficiently than processed cooked meats. By processing quicker, it can eliminate the extra digestion time in the gut, helping to eliminate gas and odorous stool.

Can a raw diet reduce the size of my pet stool?

  • Cats and Dogs do not produce the enzymes for digestion of processed grains and simple carbohydrates in dry kibble. Since raw food does not contain the processed ingredients the stool will shrink as their digestion system can absorb more of the diet.

What effect does raw food have on my pet's skin and coat?

  • The Presence of unprocessed, uncooked animal fat, allows the body to assimilate and absorb the fats better than processed vegetable oil. The natural occurring amino acids and vitamins, found in raw pet food, will create bright shining eyes.

Can raw food help with my pets food allergies?

  • A grain-free raw food with a single protein meat source will make managing food allergies and sensitives much more feasible, which can lead to less itching and scratching.

Can a raw diet have upon my dog eye stains?

  • Eye stains, ear wax, and other indications of the body flushing toxins will be greatly reduced when feeding one of our quality raw food diets.

What effect can a raw diet have on my pets energy level?

  • A raw diet contains unprocessed high-quality animal fats, which will yield an easily assimilated energy source, which is highly sustainable. None of the raw diet is wasted on empty calories.

Can a raw diet help with my pet's weight?

  • Weight Maintenance is more easily managed with a diet that is nearly 100% digestible. Controlling portions is much simpler with a diet that is so highly digestible, pet owners can adjust their pet's diet to reduce or add weight in an more effective manner.


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